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Lights & Lighting

Lights are appliances that can transmit light, distribute and change light source’s distribution, containing every components used to fix and protect the light sources and essential line’s accessories used to connect with power source. The catalogue includes lighting bulbs and tubes, energy saving lamps and fluorescent lamps, LED bulbs and luminous diode, holiday lamps, outdoor lighting lamps and other secondary catalogues.

Hot Products

Solar Street Light A raised source of light on the edge of a road, turned on or lit at a certain time every night.
UTV UTV is short for Utility Vehicle.
Metal Halide Lamps A discharge lamp in which metal halide salts are added to the contents of a discharge tube in which there is a high-pressure arc in mercury vapor; the added metals generate different wavelengths, to give substantially white light at an efficiency approximating that of high-pressure sodium lamps.
Lawn Lamps  
Energy Saving Lamp  
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