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Security & Protection

Security refers to free from threat and no danger, no harm, no loss. It refers to control the damage under the state that human can receive. The system running state may do damage to human’s life, property and environment, during human’s productive process. Protection refers to protect the human landscapes which have special values (historical value, culture value and so on), and protect the historical remains, especially the building environment. The catalogue includes alarm, fire-fighting, surveillance equipment, safety products, and roadway safety and other secondary catalogues.

Hot Products

Alarm System An electrical system that is installed in a building as a protective measure against fire or unauthorized entry.
Safety Vest Vest for protecting.
Reflective Vest Vests made of reflective cloth.
Safe Box A secure lockable box used for securing valuable objects against theft or damage.
Night Vision A trademark used for a technology that enables vision at night, as by amplification of low light to create visible images or by detection of infrared wavelengths.
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