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Telecommunications refer to communication modes which use electrical signal and optical signal to send and receive different kinds of information (such as data, image and voice). The catalogue includes accessories and parts, mobile phone batteries and chargers, cell phones, fiber optic equipment, Wireless Communication, wireless networking equipment and other secondary catalogues.

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Telephone An instrument that converts voice and other sound signals into a form that can be transmitted to remote locations and that receives and reconverts waves into sound signals.
Optical Fiber A flexible optically transparent fiber, usually made of glass or plastic, through which light can be transmitted by successive internal reflections.
Leather Case A case made of leather material, dressed or tanned hide.
Walkie Talkie A hand-held portable, two-way radio transceiver.
TV Antenna An antenna suitable for transmitting or receiving television broadcasts; since television transmissions in the United States are horizontally polarized, the most basic type of receiving antenna is a horizontally mounted half-wave dipole.
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