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Construction & Decoration

Construction means the structures built with every available material, such as soils, stones, woods, steels, glasses, reeds, plastics, ice cubes and so on. Decorative materials mean the building materials and products, which are used to improve the use function and beauty, to keep buildings’ stability and durability under various environmental factors. The catalogue includes bath and toilet appliances, faucet and mixer, building materials, pipe and fittings and other secondary catalogues.

Hot Products

Pipe Fitting The occupation of installing or repairing piping or tubing systems that convey liquid, gas, and occasionally solid materials.
Flange A protruding rim, edge, rib, or collar, as on a wheel or a pipe shaft, used to strengthen an object, hold it in place, or attach it to another object.
Shower Head Device of bathroom fittings.
Kitchen Faucet Faucet used in kitchen
Soap A cleansing agent, manufactured in bars, granules, flakes, or liquid form, made from a mixture of the sodium salts of various fatty acids of natural oils and fats.
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