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Minerals & Metallurgy

Minerals are all available natural minerals and rock resources that is buried underground or distributed on the earth's surface or through rock decay and rock precipitation. Metallurgy is process and technology that extract metal or metallic compound from ore and process them into metal material by various methods. This catalogue includes the steel, magnetic materials, silk screen, nonmetallic mineral products and other secondary catalogues.

Hot Products

Chain Link Fence A fence made of heavy steel wire fabric which is interwoven in such a way as to provide a continuous mesh without ties or knots, except at the selvage; the wire fabric is held in place by metal posts.
Aluminum Die Casting This classification is comprised of establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing die-castings of aluminum (including alloys).
Welded Wire Mesh A series of longitudinal and transverse wires arranged at right angles to each other and welded together at all points of intersection; used as reinforcement in reinforced concrete.
Investment Casting The act or process of making casts or molds.
Neodymium Magnet A neodymium magnet or NIB magnet (also, but less specifically, called a rare-earth magnet) is a powerful magnet made of a combination of neodymium, iron, and boron Nd2Fe14B.
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