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Printing & Publishing

Printing refers to the technology of batch copy of originals contents. The originals, such as scripts, pictures, photos, by process of plate making, inking and forcing, then printing ink can transfers to the surface of paper, paper products, leather and other materials. Publishing means a kind of social activity which achieves information spreading by a large number of content’s copies. This catalogue includes printing machinery, books, printing plate and other secondary catalogues.

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Printing Machine A machine which prints.
Inkjet Printer A type of computer printer that operates by propelling tiny droplets of liquid ink onto paper.
Hot Stamping Foil A thin leaf of gold or other metal used in hot-press printing or hot stamping.
Book Printing This category includes establishments primarily engaged in printing or in printing and binding books and pamphlets, but not engaged in publishing.
Transfer Printing Transfer printing is a mass-production method of applying an image to a curved or uneven surface. It is most commonly used for printing on porcelain and other hard surfaced pottery.

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