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Office Supplies & Stationery

Office supplies and stationery have an extensive range; they range from computer, printer, copier these kind of complete machine to office consumables like ink box and toner cartridges,range from digital products like camera, video camera, voice recorder to office furniture, writing tools, office paper and so. This catalogue includes office consumable, photography and optic, stationary, stationary set and other secondary catalogues.

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Microscope An optical instrument that uses a lens or a combination of lenses to produce magnified images of small objects, especially of objects too small to be seen by the unaided eye.
Copy Paper A sheet of paper, used to make duplicate copies of written or printed material, whose back is coated with a layer of microcapsules that contain a dye in colorless form in a hydrocarbon solvent
Marker Pens which have their own ink-source and usually a tip made of some porous material.
Photo Paper Light-sensitive paper on which photograph can be printed.
Metal Pen Pens made of metal.
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